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A deck that utilizes certain cards both legal and illegal to make life harder for the player of the deck. Un-set cards with strange disadvantages are the core, and with a commander that can easily backfire under certain circumstances and is in a great color combo, it's sure to be perfect for that out of control spike in your playgroup as punishment. It is still somewhat playable and attempts to run as a basic commander deck.

"All will know your crimes."

Recommendations are always appreciated!


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Hazmat Suit (Used) does not work with the format of tapped out in the deck builder because of how parentheses work.

The card is as follows: 3, 1B Enchantment — Aura Enchant Creature Enchanted creature gets +2/+1 and has menace. Whenever a player's skin or fingernail touches enchanted creature, that player loses 2 life. WATERMARK: League of Dastardly Doom


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This deck is not Commander / EDH legal.

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