This deck is a creature focused hate bearer against several top tier decks in moderns meta and is inspired by magic aids. The card pool is linear and requires very little skill to play effectively, in essence it's an autopilot deck.


Blend the perfect strategy between tempo and aggro that stalls control and burn while simultaneously providing a faster tempo than most mid-range decks on an extremely consistent basis. We operate in a similar fashion to Death & Taxes but provide a wider and more threatening board presence. Oh, and I am not a big fan for U/W control shells, so yeah there's that lol.


This deck relies on sheer creature beatdown to win against our opponent without any specific card synergy aside from anthems. Our curve is exceptionally low thanks to Aether Vial and Noble Hierarch.


Aether Vial - Provides excellent Mana efficiency and evasion to countermagic. This is a must in any creature rich deck.

Noble Hierarch - Staple mana dork and accelerator for any aggro style deck thanks to its exalted trigger. This card is excellent for applying early game pressure and allows us to drop much of our late game spells a turn earlier.

Giver of Runes - Dual purpose card that can act as either a protection spell or grant evasion to anyone of your attacking creature's.


Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - Not much to say except this works exceptionally well against burn, Mardu, dredge, and control decks early game. When paired with Noble Hierarch's exalted trigger it can act as a 3/2 creature with first strike by T2 while stonewalling many cheap removal spells.

Voice of Resurgence - Everytime I play this card I feel like a troll. Why? Because, it punishes decks that try hard to exercise Mana efficiency at our expense and on our turn (i.e. burn and control). This card doesn't play nice with those style of decks, because often times removing voice only creates an even larger threat.

Bronzehide Lion - As the famous words of Anatoly Dyatlov, "it's not good, but not terrible.". This creature acts like another protection spell for our other more threatening creature's or simply a chump blocker that can repeatedly take hits without dying.

Gaddock Teeg - Gives a major f-u to control, Tron, prison, ad nauseum and various mid-range decks. Nonetheless, this is largely a situational card and can be boarded out when necessary.

Scavenging Ooze - Flexible creature against control or graveyard decks.

Knight of Autumn - Versatile creature with three situational effects that shits on multiple styles of meta decks. This creature can help undo the damage taken from burn or other creature's. However, the default option for us is to apply early game pressure through beatdowns, so counters is what we will most likely pick.

Loxodon Smiter - Fantastic creature against control and hand disruption as it cannot be countered, has a decent P/T and etb as early as T2. This is great for baiting out removal or applying heavy amounts of pressure to the opponent.


Wilt-Leaf Liege - Our hallmark anthem card that morphs our weanies into serious threats since nearly every creature has dual color's (meaning they get 2 x +1/+1). For the example Loxodon Smiter can swing for 7 damage by T3 under ideal conditions with Noble Hierarch on the battlefield.


We focus on stalling more aggressive decks (i.e. burn, death's shadow, etc.) with Auriok Champion, Dromoka's Command, Mirran Crusader and Path to Exile. The remaining creature's target control, Tron, and dredge style decks.

Core Weaknesses??

Insert any mass removal spell here, that's what having four copies of Gaddock Teeg is there for

Decks with heavy amounts of evasion, infect, or flyers

Fucking the abomination known as Tron

Any deck that can outspeed us, Humans, Merfolk, B/W Tokens, etc


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