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Selesnya's Second Sun

Modern GW (Selesnya)


Modern GW Approach of the Second Sun.

The gameplan : The PRIORITY is Ramp & thining the deck as much as you can. To increase the relevent draws.


Gaea's Blessing : The idea of the deck is to ramp, survive, destroy everything. Gaea's Blessing is your recurent masterpiece. You shuffle ONLY the relevent card against your opponent. Very often it is only the Cleansing/Revelation that you shuffle. When there is another Gaea's Blessing in your graveyard, you shuffle 1-2 relevent card + Gaea's Blessing. That way, your deck is constantly thining but you still have all your "destroy all nonland permanent" available into your deck. So the potential ratio draw is increasing as much as the game progress. You can also Shuffle your Approach of the Second Sun if it got discarted.

Anti mill card. If opponent mill your Gaea's Blessing you reshuffle everything.


Reap and Sow : This card is underrated. I strongly believe this a core card to the deck. Positive points :

  1. Help to reach 4 to 6 land to Cleansing next turn,

  2. Search any land UNTAP (unless land keywords say otherwise) so can potentially use it asap if necessary.

  3. Help to search utility lands. (Manland agaist aggro after a boardwipe is very good, Boseiju against control, Arch when you have City's Blessing, Castle Ardenvale against midrange giving you unlimited blockers, etc..)

  4. Destroy ANY land. As a destroy deck, you want the possibility to destroy utility land.

  5. Entwine. This is simply amazing. You can screw up your opponent mana/destroy utility/manland AND search for a land. Against tron you basically destroy a Urza land and search for Field of Ruin for double plus.


2x Toski, Bearer of Secrets : This baby is incredibly powerful here. Can't be counter against control. Indestructible so it survive your own board wipe. Make you draw 2 card every turn (assuming you cleave accordingly). When you attack with your manland and human tokens from Castle Ardenvale, it can degenerated quickly. The worse that can happen is he get Path to Exile helping you reach 6 lands earlier. That bad boy is fabulous.


Basically, you ramp, thin for optimal topdeck, destroy everything and eventually win with Approach of the Second Sun. Don't rush Approach, take your time, you have time. Don't be afraid to shuffle your deck even if Approach is 5th on top. Remember, you thined your deck and shuffle relevent stuff to increase the ratio. (Eg: 6 "Destroy everything", 3 Approach, etc.. in a 30 cards deck remaining is better than your inital 53 cards deck when you started.)


Sideboard :

4x Weather the Storm because you cannot win against storm without this.

2x Deicide because you can't destroy God from enchantress and Heliod from GW life.

3x Relic of Progenitus for obvious reason.. Getting ride of recurant threats

2x Blessed Alliance agaist infect, prowess and burn

4x Veil of Summer against control


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