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Selesnya Midrange (GW Ramp/Creature Toolbox)

Canadian Highlander GW (Selesnya) Midrange Ramp


GW creature toolbox/ramp strategy. The list is super flexible and can be tuned to your local meta. This particular build is geared to combat control decks with cards like carnage tyrant, Thrun, Sigarda HOH, Dromoka, and Oketra but can easily be be changed to fit your meta.

LATEST UPDATE: -Elvish Reclaimer +Questing Beast -Plains +Castle Ardenvale

The deck as it is now can't use reclaimer to it's full potential and it ended up being underwhelming without being a more lands style deck. While I am adding a utility land I don't think the castle will be enough to justify the reclaimer. With the plethora of 1 and 2 mana ramp creatures Questing Beast just seemed like a better fit for what the deck is trying to do. Castle Ardenvale is an easy slot into this deck and offers some late game staying power so the Plains is an easy cut.

Would love some suggestions :)

Points: Sol Ring-(4) Natural Order-(4) Strip Mine-(2)


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This deck is Canadian Highlander legal.

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