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Selenia, Dark Angel - Suicice Life Swap Combo

Commander / EDH* WB (Orzhov)


This deck is inspired by the vampiristic need to steal life(totals)... The plan is to live the longest by losing your life first! Lifepoints in other words!

How? Ad Nauseam Angel's Grace Sickening Dreams

Play Add Nauseam, respond with an Angel's Grace so that you can't lose the game until end of turn. Draw your whole deck if you'd like, then cast Sickening Dreams and discard to the death of the table around you.

If your opponent has more than 70 or so life left? Repay in Kind (remember that you'll be at -120 or so life by the time Ad Nauseam resolves. you can simply switch Soul Conduit life totals with anyone to kill them. or Sanguine Bond + Tainted Sigil or Reverse the Sands

Protect your Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace + Sickening Dreams combo by first playing Tidehollow Sculler and exiling the opponent's counterspell or draw it out. Protect that even with Imp's Mischief. Casting Culling the Weak and Dark Ritual will help you ramp back up to cast almost any of a number of the above win conditions.

Hell, make it easier! Your seemingly under the radar commander, Selenia, Dark Angel has a life stealing ability that you can stack responses to your advantage!

Angel's Grace + Repay in Kind + Selenia, Dark Angel or Reverse the Sands or Soul Conduit

Quietus Spike + Wound Reflection

You can also use Sorin Markov -3 to effectively make your opponent lose a bunch of life, then Wound Reflection snuffs them out. Mind you, this enchantment acts as a sorcery, if you can deal half your opponent's life even before Wound Reflection is played, you still get the double damage in.

Don't even get me started on all of the 2 toughness choices in this deck for Recruiter of the Guard!!!!!!


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