I built this differently than other Sek'kuar decks - it's combo-based, instead of recurring creature-based. It's designed to go-off, then win, and there is often not much left when the smoke clears (besides an army of tokens).

LeoSushi put together another version here Sek'kuar, combokeeper. If you like this one, check it out as well.

The Land reeks of death, the earth is undone

Now rise from the slaughter, The Graveborn will come

  • Sek'kuar, Deathkeeper, probably.

The Plan

  1. Ramp into a land mass.
  2. Set up Token Creation & Improve Token cards.
  3. Acquire a Sac Outlet.
  4. Animate Lands and Sac it all.
  5. Swing wide with tons of pumped tokens.

A few cards are listed in more than one category; they perform multiple jobs.

Emrakul's Evangel - Token Creation + Sac Outlet

Descent of the Dragons - Token Creation + Sac Outlet + Removal

Phyrexian Plaguelord - Sac Outlet + Removal

Bloodspore Thrinax - Sac Outlet + Improve Token

Token Creation

These either trigger on creature death, or count on them. Sek'kuar is an excellent choice, but more than one in play is better.

Descent of the Dragons, Fresh Meat, and Caller of the Claw have to be cast the turn I go off. The others can be put in place beforehand.

Sac Outlets

You really only need one.

Descent of the Dragons is the only one that MUST be case the same turn I go off.

Improve Tokens

So many choices for spicing up tokens hitting the board.

Bloodspore Thrinax, Insult / Injury (NO FOG ZONE), Parallel Evolution, and Second Harvest must be cast the turn I go off.

Animate Lands

I animate my lands on the turn I plan to sacrifice them all, not before.

Note: When Natural Emergence comes into play, it triggers it's requirement to bounce a R/G enchantment. I can respond to that trigger by sac'ing all of my now-animated lands, assuming I have a sac outlet in play. Then, if I don't have a better target, I can have it bounce itself.

Card Access

Best played after my hand is played out, to fill in missing combo slots.

Backup Plan

Lets pretend I DIDN'T sac all of my lands.

Lifeline - As long as I have (or any opponent has) a creature out at end of turn, I get all of my lands back.

Cauldron of Souls - Target all of your lands (and your non-token creatures, why not?), and at end of turn, I get all of my lands back.

Splendid Reclamation - I get all of my lands back.

Example of Going Off

It's turn 7, and I've Ramped into 9 Lands.

In play is Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper, Emrakul's Evangel, and Ogre Battledriver.

In hand is Natural Affinity, Insult / Injury, and Caller of the Claw.

Tap all 9 Lands. Cast Natural Affinity.

Tap Emrakul's Evangel to sacrifice itself and all 9 land-creatures.

Trigger: Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper 10 times.

Tokens are created: 10x Gravborn 3/1 & 10x 3/2 Eldrazi Horror

Trigger: Ogre Battledriver - Tokens get +2/+0 and Haste.

Cast Caller of the Claw.

Token are created: 10x Bear 2/2

Trigger: Ogre Battledriver - Bears get +2/+0 and Haste

Cast Insult / Injury


Double Damage from:

10x 5/2 Eldrazi Horror

10x 5/1 Graveborn

10x 4/2 Bear

50 + 50 + 40 = 140 x 2 = 280

I see dead people.


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