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Sek'Kuar Mk1

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Here's my first go at a grave-lovin,' friendly-eatin' commander deck, built for Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper. This is the Mk 1, and has not yet seen any play. Therefore there are several potential concerns that have yet to be tested.


Since Sek'Kuar triggers only on non-token deaths, there might not be enough smaller, less important creatures to sacrifice, and too many sac trigger creatures that I don't actually want to die. This inherently works against the commander format, which rewards filling decks with big important stuff that you wont typically want to get rid of for a 3/1.

Sek'Kuar will, in all likelihood, not stay alive for very long. Currently, nothing in the deck protects him from removal of any kind. The good news is that this deck looks like it will run pretty well in his absence, since everything else can work off of token sacrifices. But protection artifacts (Lightning Greaves, Whispersilk Cloak, etc) may be in order.

Alternatively, since the deck's backbone is black and green, it may be beneficial to revamp the deck by taking out red entirely and fitting what's left to one of several grave-lovin' black-green commanders (Jarad, Mazirek, Meren, Savra).

Other issues may arise from a lack of some simple commander ingredients, such as noncreature removal and card draw.General Contents / Necessary Components (+Additions that would help):

5x Ramp (+Burnished Hart, Sakura-Tribe Elder)

10x MultiLands, ManaRocks (Gruul/Golgari Signet, Sol Ring)

10x Hard Removal

2x NonCreature Removal (+Caustic Caterpillar, other?)

2x Card Draw (+Fecundity, Skullclamp, Deathreap Ritual)

Look at the Sideboard for stuff I deem to be top-priority; either listed above or just really strong 'pseudo-wincon' cards that aren't horribly expensive. The Acquire board has more of this, but take lower priority.

Revision 1:

Skarrgan Firebird OUT
Archdemon of Unx OUT
Malfegor OUT

Llanowar Elves IN
Elves of Deep Shadow IN
Rendclaw Trow IN

Taking out some big stuff for more early game/ramp that can be sac'd later. Note that this does take out half of the deck's big fliers, so that may be a new issue. Thanks to spencer_martell for the good advice.


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