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[PRIMER] See my lands? See them double?

Commander / EDH Aggro Lands Mono-Green Primer Ramp



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One of the first commander decks I ever build was Mono-Black and had 95 lands. It centered around dealing 50 damage to everyone and 25 to me on turn 5! It was easy to shut down with a single counter though, so I sought to do something different.

I wanted to stick with the idea of keeping a massive amount of lands in the deck, but have it where there’s plenty I can do. I started my search in green since I know how much it can ramp, but oh boy I found more than I dreamt of! I discovered Azusa, Lost But Seeking. When I saw her ability, I knew she was the commander for me. Being able to play an extra TWO lands on each turn is overpowered if combined with landfall triggers and playing lands topdeck style.

After that I decided I wanted to have 70 lands (at least) in the deck and focused on finding 29 other cards that could do some crazy stuff. This is what became of that search!

(This deck is NOT perfect and has a lot of room for improvement. Any help you can provide is appreciated and needed!)

This is my current FAVORITE paper deck!

The Commander Show

The Creatures Show

The Landbase Show

The Artifacts Show

The Enchantments Show

The Sorceries Show

The Planeswalker Show

Strengths: If our field is left untouched until about turn 6 or 7 it can often become overwhelming for our opponents to deal with. We ramp fast and hit really hard to secure our wins. Either way it’s fun to see how people react to a deck like this being played.

Weaknesses: We have 2 BIG fears in this deck. Board wipes and Land Destruction. Both of which can set us back a little.

Early game is mostly just us ramping up, casting our commander and filtering through our deck.

Mid to Late game is even easier than that. All we have to do from this point is play anything big we have in our hands.

Helix Pinnacle + Nissa, Who Shakes the World + Wilderness Reclamation = Very Fast 100 Counters

Avenger of Zendikar + Boundless Realms = Some MASSIVE plant boys that you’d rather not fight!

Rampaging Baloths + Boundless Realms = A stampede of 4/4’s headed towards your enemies!

What did you think of the deck and what’s in it? What would you add or remove to make it better? What are some really wacky combos do you think would make the deck fun?

Let me know down in the comments below and as always, I’ll see y’all soon!


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