This is a deck based around only Seb McKinnon art. The man is a genius with his art and no matter how janky this deck is, I love it. I get to see 80% of the best art in magic every time i play this deck. I only wish he did basic lands and some more dual lands. I hope you all enjoy the jank as much as I do. That being said, I'm not sure which art I prefer on some. Grim Haruspex vs Grim Haruspex. Original Foil vs Ugin's Fate Promo

Also I know some of these are MTGO Promos, I have effectively cut them out on printer paper and just put them over basics. The deck is double sleeved, so my group doesn't care. A few of these include Chalice of the Void, Cuombajj Witches, Mind Twist, Stasis.

Also with Modern Horizons on the way, I will be adding in new things to the deck.

Answered Prayers will be replacing Thirsting Shade , Force of Despair will be replacing Covenant of Blood , Giver of Runes will be replacing Odunos River Trawler , Silent Clearing will be replacing a basic Snow-Covered Swamp , Soulherder will be replacing Grisly Survivor , Stream of Thought will be replacing Daring Sleuth  , String of Disappearances will be replacing Erdwal Illuminator .


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