cEDH Kroxa:

Kroxa adds a unique flavor to the world of Rakdos cEDH in that he is both an outlet in the command zone and does not require activated abilities to win. On top of this, outside of the typical WGD combo, Kroxa requires no other win cons or "dead" cards. With this in mind, we can play more staxy cards like Cursed Totem where other Rakdos decks could not. Finally, in today's meta, most win cons require a state of having 2 specific cards in hand. It may be Flash + Hulk, Scepter + Reversal, or Oracle + Consult, but the requirements are the same. The idea of discard control is to attack the hand state of the game. Kroxa's win condition will require only one card in hand (Animate Dead) and one card in the graveyard (Worldgorger Dragon), allowing the pilot to continue the game unhindered if hands are attacked or the game state is reduced to top-decking.

I get a lot of flack for some of my card choices or lack of choices, so here are my thoughts on some of my picks.

  • The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale This may fall under a meta pick for most, but for me and my very few creatures, I'd like to place as much pressure as possible on my opponents creatures without making it too much of a burden for me. Tabby does that nicely.

  • Chain of Smog and Chains of Mephistopheles + Wheels. There is a game-state that I like to reach in Kroxa and it's one that I think the deck shines in. It's when all players have empty hands due to discard. Once Worldgorger Dragon is in our graveyard, we need only one of three cards to win, and I'm perfectly fine top-decking for them or a tutor. Other decks like the infamous Sushi Hulk or typical Consult decks require two cards in hand to pull of their win. Either Flash + Hulk or Sushi + Consult. These two card in-hand combos are easy to set up, but once a hand has been completely disrupted, it can be devestating to the player as they rebuild.

  • Why aren't you on other win-cons? As of right now, I don't like any other win-cons available in Rakdos, they either require some pretty dead cards or some lengthy set up. With the release of Dockside Extortionist, we are very close to getting some better combos, but not quite yet.

  • But you really need a back-up win con! Alright. Fine. Animate Dead an opponents dead Thassa's Oracle and then cast Demonic Consultation. Tadaa. Everyone will be upset. Beat them in the face with a 6/6 Giant. Kroxa even trades into The Gitrog Monster. Take it or leave it.


Updates Add

I refused to play any dead flash-hate pieces before the banning, so Flash getting the axe brings no new cards to our line-up. However, I'd like to point out the new boost of importance that Withering Boon gets as a way for our deck to interract with what will now be sorcery-speed wins via Thassa's Oracle.



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