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Modern Competitive Control Show and Tell Team America UR (Izzet) Weenie



Decided to post this again for a casual game, wrote this back when I first started playing 3 years ago during sophomore year of high school, so please excuse any Grammer issues (which there will be) and enjoy

*wrote this during ravnica/theros block and I really hated supreme verdict XD

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(unedited for 2 years)

Because we all hate you aggro AND ESPER

This deck was made to have a better chance to beat those damn aggro black or red and especially those espers, I guarantee you that there will always be a good amount of them at your local fnm and to this point im annoyed to hell by these guys. Iv been meaning to make a blue/red control and this deck is my answer!

Also Supreme Verdict is the most painful card to be seen, what were they thinking when they made this....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lets get down to the fuel that runs this deck~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Dispel- Love or hate this card but I think a 1 mana counter to instances is so good, easily counter all the kill spells, also their own Dissolve, you'd be crazy not to run this, those ESPERS always always and I mean always run Sphinx revelation , but when they look at your mana and see you have just 1 mana, they tap everything and you tell them..F$%K YOUR COUCH!

~~2 drops~~

Izzet Charm- Just a must need, great removal for any of those early game beast, IM LOOKING AT YOU RAKDOS and to stop those kill spells/enchantments Cough Cough Launch the Fleet *COUGH COUGH Doom Blade

Lightning Strike- simple lots of damage and with little mana, it will take all of those annoying Herald of Torment right out of the sky

Magma Jet - whenever the wizards run out of idea's they just slap a scry on a card to make up for it or to make a useless card just a little bit more useful?Sigiled Starfish.. anyways 2 damage, 2 mana and 2 scry is really strong for any control deck, getting the right cards is always key

Mizzium Mortars- how are you 2 mana

Negate(moved to sideboard)- very nice card to stop any of those pesky expensive spells towards the end when you decide to go on the offensive or stop them from hurting jace with those nasty Hero's Downfall..... THIS IS WHERE WE HOLD THEM!......THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT....THIS IS WHERE THEY DIE!

~~3 drops~~

Turn - since the theros block there have been nothing but gods and indestrutiable cards, we all love them and hate vs them and this is the solution

Divination- Cant run a control deck without cards, queen Cymede will help

Dissolve- This card is the face of counter spells for standard, i mean they made this card just so you can throw away your copy of Cancel, throw the smoke in their eyes and while they are blinded look at the top of your deck

Anger of the Gods- The card that will drive back all early/mid game aggro, since this deck doesn't run on to many creatures i can freely use it without getting any of my own creatures.. except..

Nivix Cyclops- aka steampunk bane is just an absolute beast, a 3 drop who can get pumped up from spells and sorcery, hell ya and when the fire comes down, wiping out all those puny soldiers and demons. He'll be there laughing and getting stronger


Jace, Architect of Thought- The man in blue, carrying all the blue decks

+1 that lets me take less damage? you shouldnt have

-2 that lets me draw 2 cards (just pick the pile with 2 cards)..YES

-8 just GG let me just search my deck for my AEtherling and grab you're god or board wipe Supreme Verdict to win me the game, god forbid you have a Ajani, Mentor of Heroes in your deck

AEtherling- I'm just speechless, unless you got a Dissolve or a Essence Scatter, he wont die anytime soon... Disappear and reappear for a hard strike.. reminds me of only one thing

Ral Zarek-cant make an izzet without ra's al ghul himself

+1 that let's me tap one of your lands so you won't have enough mana to use your Dissolve or stupid Esper Charm'WHICH FOR SOME REASON ALWAYS HAVE IN THERE HAND , and on top of that give one of my creatures vigilance or an extra mana?? how are you a +1

-2 let me just use my lighting strike to make sure your side of the board is clean (:

-7 Just wow i mean wow, let me flip a coin and if i get the head (; i get an extra turn and we do that another 4 times i mean how are you legal

Keranos, God of Storms- this god is going to be running the show for now on when it comes to control, rewarding you for putting those extra lands in your deck, and when i do get that creature i get to take one of yours

Opportunity (moved to maybe)- CARDS... cant go wrong with more

Syncopate(moved to side)- my favorite card because nothing makes me happier then see the look on someones face when they have just enough mana to put there there baby and i just put her down

~~~~~~~~side board~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Counterflux-We all have had that moment when you look at your opponent and you know he has just the most diabolical plan to win this game, he is telling himself in his head "he wont be able to screw me over not as long as i have my Negate" and throws down his Obzedat, Ghost Council and you just sit there and smile

and throw down this mad Lantern and wispher in his ear.... magic

This card is just flat out amazing, you switch this out when you go against them..... espers..... so when it gets to late game and they FINNALY decide to put down there monster, instead of wasting time and stacking cards back in forth you just put her down and end it there

Essence Scatter- switch out when you go against that one deck that just seems to run every creature above 3 health, when they say no to your Anger of the Gods you say no to there Arbor Colossus , put the enemy back in there place right when they thought you were out of Dissolves

~~~~~~~~Perfect hand strategy~~~~~~~~~~~

Here is decription on how you should use this deck and to simulate the best hand.

Turn 1: Draw 7 cards and make sure you only get the perfect cards

Turn 2: Play Sigiled Starfish, if your opponent isn't high he will try everything to take this bad boy down, because HE WILL RIPE YOUR ENEMIES APART!!!!!

Turn 3: Play City of Ass , you should have 4 by this turn, then play Mox Lotus tap for as much mana as you think is right, if you shuffled your deck right you should by now have a Emrakul, the Aeons Torn (I sh*t you not this card is real) then you just sit there and stare.

Ok on a serious note, im not going to tell you that you have a 11.7%(hehe) to draw the perfect hand because this game is all about adapting and coming up with a strategy to beat your opponent. I really do respect the guides that have come up with an insta kill deck because that kinda Sh*t is hard to come up with . So i wont do a step by step guide on what your hand should look like instead the real fun is coming up with what you think is the best hand.

Now that im finished i might have a chance against those THINGS that creep at my FNM!

Thanks again to JakeHarlow,Xuhle and my inspiration Shiznot for his guide TIBALT THE WORTHLESS that made me change everything about my guides and just have fun, also cant forget about hamiam with his deck 11.7% OF THE TIME, IT WORKS EVERY TIME. which is just a flat out, fun deck XD .

Still need help with sideboard, and stay tuned i plan on updating as some of these cards sadly exit standard )':

Also if you like the deck or had a good laugh don't be afraid to give me that up vote!!!

Thanks again to those who commented, gave suggestion, up voted and just took the time to read my seriously silly guide!!!!


Updates Add

Thank you all who helped me make the izzet control but i honestly think izzet is good but not in the current standard, so im going to throw in black, would really appreciate help!

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