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Hi There!

This is a Jund land destruction deck. The Objective is to get as many of my opponent's lands into the graveyard as possible, then burn the opponent bright with Roiling Terrain. But I'm not satisfied just milling my opponents. I want to deny my opponent resources to make playing more difficult. Because the land destruction cards in the deck can get real expensive, mana wise, I also put in a high amount of mana dorks and only added three copies of Ulamog's Crusher as an extra finisher. This deck was built around the best possible with the cards available.

A three color deck requires mana flexibility. I don't have access to either Darigaaz's Caldera, nor Savage Lands, so I have to rely on Gateway Plaza for now. With my mana curve sitting pretty on a roller coaster, taplands are needed to gain life as a means to buy me time.
All my manna dorks produce green mana, but it shouldn't be a problem since the only spells in the library with more than one or in the spell's cost is Roiling Terrain and you don't necessarily want to cast that early in the game unless you have to. Zhur-Taa Druid allows for damage on an opponent so there's early game pressure on the Opponent. I didn't have a 4th copy of ZTD available so I picked Leafkin Druid due to its ability to give two if I have enough creatures on the battlefield. In the late game they become chump blockers for creatures already out on the battlefield.
Because of the mana curve, every land destroyer card was picked because it had an extra effect. That's why cards such as Demolish aren't in the deck. Roiling Terrain is the centerpiece here, but its not the only spell in the deck that can cause loss of life. Spreading Rot and Victorious Destruction were picked to supplement RT. Maw of the Mire allows enough life to buy me some time to destroy more lands to feed the graveyard. Vandalize and Victorious Destruction allow me to deal with artifacts and enchantments. Seismic Shift is a spell I'd cast if I have Ulamog's Crusher on the Battlefield. Survey the Wreckage gives me a chump blocker. Destroy the Evidence gives some mill and puts two lands into the graveyard. Reclaiming Vines was the only exception due to it's versatility.
As only one of two eldrazi cards with annihilator at common(the other being Hand of Emrakul) and I only have Ulamog's Crusher, there leaves me little choice. Not that I'm complaining. Primarily the UC's job is a slow burn board wipe. If I get my opponent to sacrifice two lands, be unable to block UC and then destroy a third land with RT in the post-combat main phase, that's over half my opponent's starting life.
A a non-fan of Sideboards, I design my decks to be playable for one game with some switchouts if necessary. That's why Brink of Disaster is in the sideboard to replace the one-ofs in my deck.
With Gateway Plaza in my Deck I briefly considered flavoring the deck with blue by adding Goblin Electromancer but I decided I'd need to cut something else and the overall odds of getting both GP and GE in a timely manner was something that wouldn't happen often enough to justify in a 4 color deck with two-thirds of the cards having a mana value of 4 or higher.

Though if I were to make a Modern deck around Roiling Terrain, It would probably be a Grixis deck using Goblin Electromancer to cast cards including, but not limited to, Mind Funeral and Mind Grind. Those looking to expand this deck outside of Pauper may want to consider replacing UC with Eldrazi Conscription and some of the elves with Ignoble Heirarch for mana versatility.

Well, that's it for this deck for now. I will post updates if and when they happen. In the mean time, if you have any suggestions on how to improve this deck please let me know. If I have the cards available I can make the changes promptly.

God Bless!


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