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This deck is a combo that can potentially be active turn 2, if the opponent does not play something that shuffles graveyards into library like the original Eldrazi titans.

2X myr retriever with a heartless summoning and altar of the brood on board.

Chromatic sphere and chromatic star can draw the card chosen by scheming symmetry. Altar of the brood can help mill the opponents' chosen card with a land drop. Noxious revival can maybe slow down our opponents' choice. (See wolfhead’s comment below)

Noxious revival kinda counters opponent discard, and shred memory can either grab a combo piece or disrupt the opponent's graveyard.

Myr superion is in the list because of a discount provided by heartless summoning.

Liliana of the veil, smallpox, and dismember are for the tough to kill creatures.



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