Hello and welcome to the Temple of the True Queen of the Golgari. We built this deck around sacrificing black creatures mainly, while having enough green creatures to support our life loss. Savra is a true threat for enemy creatures, and her trigger goes on the stack even if you sacrifice her. In addition, her black trigger hits everyone which is great for multiplayer.


We need enough black creatures to create a creature advantage. Black craetures that trigger sacrifices are the best and some prime examples are Disciple of Bolas and Fleshbag Marauder. Bane of Progress and Molder Slug can help you control artifact and enchantments and you can tutor those when you need them. Protean Hulk is nice here, since you can sacrifice him easily and tutor for creatures you need. Death Cloud is a great card for this deck, since we ramp up our lands and can clear all enemy hands and lands. Recovering from a good Death Cloud will be very hard for your opponents. Since your opponents will rarely have any creatures, swinging for damage should be easy.

Dealing with many creatures

Anowon and Call to the Grave are just perfect for this deck. They can lock your opponents from playing creatures. Most of the time you wont even need Savra on Board to deal with enemy threats. If your opponenet controls too many creatures and its hard for you to handle with mere sacrifices, Archfiend of Depravity, Toxic Deluge, Damnation or even Living Death are there for you, when you need them.

Take your time and have fun

There are enough Tutors in this deck for you to decide what you need, to gain board control once again (especially creature tutors are pretty enough in this deck). Phyrexian Tower is the best land you can get. It can give you two black mana while enabling your deck. Dont be confused with the amount of lands, some of them are just in different categories e.g. ramp or sac_outlets.

If you are new to this deck, take your time to make your decisions. There are some solid choices you can make. Hope you have fun and enjoy this deck. That's the purpose of commander after all. Creature decks will hate you very much, but you can deal with focus easily with the lifegain and the extinction of creatures!

P.S. I haven't added any infinite combos cause i find them boring. If you feel like it, you are free to add them.


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