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I've been on a big tribal build kick recently, so here is my latest list. Merfolk in general never appealed to me because I got beaten way too bad, way too often during Ixalan standard. However, ever since I learned there were White Merfolk cards, I changed my tune.

The deck only runs two or three of them, but that was enough to inspire me to build a Tap/Untap matters type Bant merfolk deck, with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician at the helm! I paired Derevi with merfolk because fish people have a lot of built-in evasion to help ensure I get triggers with Derevi's first ability, as well as Derevi's Wizard typing synergizes with some of the best merfolk in the entire format, Thrasios, Triton Hero and Thassa's Oracle.

In addition to denying opponents' lines of play or pseudo-ramping up with Derevi's tap/untap ability, it also lends heavily toward squeezing extra value out of the Merfolk and Wizards that power our card draw engines and combos! Lining up triggers of Derevi's ability in combat can allow us to tap and untap a wizard to draw multiple cards per turn with Azami, Lady of Scrolls, or perhaps create a boatload of Merfolk Wizard tokens with the star of the deck: Stonybrook Schoolmaster, my muse.

Stonybrook Schoolmaster + Intruder Alarm + any tap outlet in the deck — Azami, Lady of Scrolls or Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca for card draw, Cryptolith Rite or Paradise Mantle for colored mana, Drowner of Secrets for targeted mill, Opposition to lockdown artifacts, creatures, and even lands, and paired with creatures like Lullmage Mentor and Sigil Tracer we can copy or counter spells that attempt to bust up our fun at the Saturday Night Fish Fry.

Now, I love winning and playing cards that will help me win, but more than that, I love playing silly or interesting cards that may or may not decrease my chances of winning.

  • Base Camp finds an interesting place in the deck because nearly every creature in the deck is either a wizard, rogue, or a changeling, so when casting creature spells, it would almost always tap for any color we might need Derevi's ability is also able to untap it (the same goes for Flood Plain) which bypasses the "enters the battlefield tapped" clause.
  • Judge of Currents acts as a pay out for doing what our deck wants to do anywho, but it definitely is one of the least optimal cards in the deck. Despite this, I am hesitant to discount the passive life gain even if it never gets taken advantage of with Aetherflux Reservoir.
  • Gavony Township is by no means a bad card, but in my opinion, a land that taps for colored mana in a 3-color deck would likely be better on making it more consistent. Who knows though? I'm gonna be bopping people hard with Derevi and his fishy friends, and possibly getting two pumps with it off. :-)
  • Willbreaker. Oh boy. This current build lacks too many instances of big board wipes or single target removal, and this card is halfway the reason. Why destroy your opponents creatures when you can just STEAL THEM?
  • Summon the School, I don't really have a justification for. Just another card that is white and says "Merfolk" on it. It could also be a tap outlet for the deck which might be harder to be rid of as long as my opponents aren't running too much graveyard hate. This slot might be better as a board wipe or a ramp spell.
  • Abjure is a card I had never heard of before doing research for this deck, but with how easy it is to have either some cheap merfolk, tokens, or Derevi on the battlefield, it's almost silly to pay $8 for a Swan Song. Not only does having Derevi returned back to the command zone not really hurt us (it can sometimes even help), giving opponents a 2/2 Flying blocker also doesn't sit right with me.

I'll keep updating the list as I playtest more and more, so please leave a like if you enjoy the list. I think it's off the hook.


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