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Saskia, The Unyielding Legend Tribal HELP WELCOME

Commander / EDH* Aggro BRGW Legendary Matters Monarch


Working on honing this deck down, cutting away the unnecessary fat, and replacing creatures with better one's as I play it. It's supposed to be legendary tribal, comment or message me with any advice, recommended cards, changes to format, reasonable upgrades, and budget alternatives.

I want this deck to be scary but fun, and I want it to be designed to keep each game fresh. I am theoretically okay with including non-legendary creatures, especially some fun splashy ones. I merely picked the legendary only rule to make it easier to select.

This is my second deck I've built myself, albeit with a bunch of help from reading through EDHREC stats. Let me know what you think! I really want feedback.

Things I am curious about:

Are artifacts the best answer for ramp? Should I be running more land-ramp spells or mana dorks instead of rocks? Am I running too many rocks? Which creatures are being wasted here? What creatures would work better? What are my best options for getting better card draw? What political cards can I add for synergy and interest? How can I make this deck centered around controlling combat more than just tough creatures?

Focuses: Monarchy mechanics, combat damage to the face, cool legendary creatures, aggression.


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