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Saskia - Cheating on that diet

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Saskia - Fatties

This deck is themed to sneak in big creatures based on triggered abilities that are caused by opponent's casts.

The core of the deck is the three enchantments: Lurking Predators, Hunting Grounds, and Sneak Attack.

The deck wants to get these enchantments on the battlefield asap utilizing the various tutoring mechanics.

I will attempt to discuss the deck in detail about how it interacts and survives in various METAs.

Firstly, our ramp package. Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Crucible of Worlds interact very well since you can repeatably fetch from your graveyard to fill up your board. Land Tax and Burgeoning are our early game fillers. Cultivate, Farseek, Sylvan Scrying helps us round out ramps with an additional Birds of Paradise.

Secondly, our cantrip/draw package. In this deck respectively we are pushing to keep our hand full and we go through many cards quickly with tutoring and engaging our mechanics to answer our triggers. Wheel of Fortune and Reforge the Soul are the two massive draw spells we use mainly. Greater Good allows us to get value from cards like Worldspine Wurm for a sac outlet so it is a big enabler.

Thirldy, our removal/answer package. This excites me because it is a part of the deck that helps it be resilient. We have staple removal in damnation and path to exile but our bombs are our removal. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite us a soft clearer. Avacyn, Angel of Hope with Hour of Revelation is a one-sided board wipe. Ashen Rider is our targeted exile removal. Angel of Serenity fulfills two roles in this deck. 1. To return cards from the graveyard so we can recur or to remove board threats. Iona, Shield of Emeria helps us to be resilient against blue. City of Solitude and Grand Abolisher serve two purposes for us. City is a hard lock on turns and Abolisher is one -sided, both are designed to avoid countermagic and instant removal for when we are in the zone to win.

Forthly, Interaction. From here I will list Engines and their interactions.

Lurking Predators + Eladamri's Call/Vampiric Tutor/Worldly Tutor = Answers to removal or tutor for an ETBLurking Predator + Scroll Rack = Predictable stacking to manipulate ETBSneak Attack + Blightsteel = GGSneak Attack + Aurelia/ Scourge of the Throne/ Gisela + Saskia Cast = Massive damageSneak Attack + Protean Hulk = ETB galoreSneak Attack + Ashen Rider = Two targeted exile removalHunting Ground + Avacyn, Angel of Hope = GG boardwhipe

Fifthly, tutor package. Yes this deck runs an absurd amount but its necessary to find the interactions we want to have. There are many interactions within the given deck but most should be noticeable.

Finally, what does this deck do? what if my enchantments fail. In the 99 is Elvish Piper, Kaalia of the Vast, and Captain Sisay which all serve as a back up cheat creature into play.

Additional Intertactions.Volrath's Stronghold allows us to abuse Lurking Predators to repeat a creature's ETB. Rune-Scarred Demon for example ETBs from Lurking Predator (Tutor Trigger) then is sacrificed to Greater Good for a 6 draw 3 discard trigger. Volrath returns to top of library. Rince Repeat.. Welcome to Value Town

Weakness - The deck has gone through many pods and what Ive noticed is the weakness to toxic deluge and Merciless Eviction. Outright, the only real response is Teferis protection. There seems to be a great amount of recovery to interruption for the deck though.

Opening Hands. You need to commit to a strategy on your opening hand. If you draw into a blightsteel you should push to go through sneak attack asap. If you draw a semi slow hand lacking ramp shoot for lurking predators and building into a board state. The deck is at its strongest with hunting grounds. If you can pull off a strong ramp and early game. Immediately get a wheel effect and hunting ground ready to go. Wheel will ensure threshold and a wheel will ensure you have creatures to answer. My first priority with a tutor for hunting grounds is almost always Avacyn.


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