This is a Grixis-colored () deck inspired by Saruman, the White Hand and is meant to be a mid-tier commander deck.

Capable of popping off and doing some overwhelmingly crazy stuff with Tokens, this deck has a few tricks to magically make other stuff appear.

A Wizard and his Wand

What cool Wizard do you know that doesn't have some kind of Mystical Wand?

In this case, Saruman uses the Isochron Scepter to cast from a choice of instants, all of which trigger his ability to amass more Orcs.

I like the idea of using Lazotep Plating with Isochron Scepter to create nasty Army presence coupled with the trigger of Saruman, doubling up your value with body presence.

(Detailed in the sideboard is Dramatic Reversal and is not mainboard so as not to make anyone too salty. Infinite Orcs and Infinite Mana is pretty gnarly.)

Here Today, ..Gob' Tomorrow

I included a bunch of crazy permanent producing tricks such as Polymorph and Transmogrify to create a board presence that your opponents will struggle against.

Divergent Transformations is a personal inclusion because I play amongst a large group and casting this bad boy for is kind of ridiculous.

Chaos Mutation rounds out my roster of whacky tricks currently. I've also considered some other spicy options that I'll detail in the maybe-board.


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