This deck was interesting to build because, I intentionally left out all of the "staples" because they were going to inevitably get exiled. There are no signets, no sol ring, no boots/greaves.

The deck completely relies on the commander (which is also a new build for me) to continuously exile all other non-land permanents on the battlefield. The goal is to aim for 4 counters on Sarulf, Realm Eater before activating his ability which is why there are a bunch of big, beefy, expensive creatures in the deck.

The deck plan is to ramp aggressively in the early game with ramp spells to get as much mana on the field as early as possible in order to start casting the big spells (cmc 5+). Then, using targeted removal to put things into opponent's graveyards in order to put counters on Sarulf. Finally, start swinging with his ability to exile non-land permanents with Sarulf's ability. The wincon is that once everyone's boards are clear of most blockers to go in for lethal combat damage.

Key combo is Sarulf, Realm Eater + Tyrite Sanctum to turn him into an indestructible god so he stays on the field and keeps exiling.

EDIT: So, the deck was not doing what I wanted it to or behaving how I would like, so it's undergone some edits. Mostly, removing all of the smaller creatures and replacing them with more biggies and also reducing the amount of ramp spells because I had more ramp spells than I did basic lands. I also changed some of the lands back to basics.


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