Poisoned gifts commander, dimir edition!

When an opponent loses, they'll rudely return all the gifts you give them. This can obviously be very nasty, so plan accordingly; I suggest spreading the love among multiple players.

Prepare for people getting annoyed with you by leaving mana open for counterspells vs e.g. removal pointed at Jon. (Try not to cry when you end up getting stuck with a Steel Golem on the battlefield and Jon in the C-zone.) Riptide Laboratory works decently too.

You don't have to gift things with Jon, which is especially good to know when you're copying him. (Copies are still good for drawing extra cards.)

The deck has various forced creature sacrifice to take advantage of gift immunity, netting both value and less enemy blockers.

Oona's Blackguard turns into a specter upon getting its gift counters, along with any other gifted creatures controlled by the same opponent. Watch out for non-gifted enemy creatures with counters on them though! (The deck has no other Rogues, so just ignore the Blackguard's ETB ability.)

Putrid Goblin will Persist back under your control, wherafter you can gift it to clear out the -1/-1 counter on it, letting it continually return.

When gifted, Phyrexian Soulgorger's cumulative upkeep does not do anything in practice (unless its controller wants to sac some non-gifted creatures for whatever reason). If you get it back with Homeward Path, this goes for you too!

Reiver Demon will kill almost no creatures in the deck. The expections are Taniwha, which can phase out, and Gilded Drake.

Yes, Verity Circle draws a card when Jon gives a gift and taps it.

Wizard Class level 3 can give Jon some commander damage potential, albeit he's still hampered by a lack of evasion.


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