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Switched out Archetype of Imagination for Spawning Kraken

Switched out Tromokratis for Maskwood Nexus

Switched out Mirror Gallery for Sakashima of a Thousand Faces

Switched out Inkwell Leviathan for Sea-Dasher Octopus

Switched out Fierce Guardianship for Glen Elendra Archmage

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Have you ever wished you could turn into a sea creature and explore the big blue!? Well now you can live vicariously through your Commander, Sakashimi, the Shrimposter! This deck is full of fun, flavor, and mischief! This deck runs the powerhouse cards of both the clone/theft tribe and the sea creature tribe. It seeks to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of both tribes. Let me explain how!
The early game is fairly simple. The goal is to ramp with mana rocks and use your low cmc clone/theft cards to take advantage of other players early ramp. Cards like Thieving Skydiver , Thada Adel, Acquisitor , Sculpting Steel , Mirrormade , and Phyrexian Metamorph can put you ahead of others by using their own cards against them.

A few other stand out early game cards include: 1. Quest for Ula's Temple allows us to put our terrifying sea creatures out for free in the mid-game, leaving mana open for our clones. 2. Mystic Remora also helps you take advantage of other players early ramp/non-creature spells and stays on theme! 3. Nascent Metamorph : this creature can land some ridiculous hits early game if you target the right player with its ability.

The mid-game is when your options become vast and your game plan can change on a dime. As other players board states grow so do our options. With the many clones in this deck the goal is to copy the powerhouse cards on other players boards and create the best version of all the decks put together. The mid-game will look different every time you play this deck.

The mid game is also when card draw becomes important. Your hand will have emptied of low cmc spells, leaving some large sea creatures that you might not have the mana for. Cards like Deep Analysis , Fact or Fiction , Mind Spring , and Recurring Insight can serve to refill our hands. Also, flickering or cloning cards like Mulldrifter or Arcanis the Omnipotent can create some powerful draw engines.

Here is my favorite part of the deck! This is when you get to create threats of your own, rather than taking others. It only takes one or two terrifying sea creatures on the battlefield to turn the tide of a game. Then you get to clone them, filling the battlefield with Islandwalking, Shrouded, Hexproofed, Unblockable, Trampling Monsters!

  1. Theft: Rather than just cloning other players cards, which just creates equal footing, you can start stealing them in the late game instead. This creates a strong disparage in board state power levels. Agent of Treachery and Keiga, the Tide Star are the powerhouses of this theme.

  2. Disruption: Apart from stealing things from other players, the deck seeks to disrupt other players in a variety of ways. Interaction such as counter spells can allow you to protect your board state or slow another player whose power level is rising to quickly. This decks main disruption however, is bouncing/tapping down opponents boards. To do this, there are some very flavorful cards! Breaching Leviathan , Scourge of Fleets , Crush of Tentacles , Whelming Wave , and Engulf the Shore all serve this purpose.

  3. Flash: Being able to take advantage of what other players have done in a turn cycle before you can be a huge tempo gain. This deck seeks to utilize flash to create that advantage. Cards like Emergence Zone , Tidal Barracuda , and Leyline of Anticipation support this theme.

  4. Evasion: Serpent of Yawning Depths and Thasa God of the Sea can make sure your big sea creatures or your copies of opponents big hitters make it threw for the necessary damage.

This deck started off as just a clone/theft deck, but I felt I was being pushed into running certain cards since the standout clone/theft cards are very apparent. I also felt that there was a lack of direction in the game plan. A clone deck relies heavily on other players decks. What if I was facing a playgroup that ran a lot of instant/sorceries instead of creatures? Or ran token/aristocrat decks with only a few heavy hitting cards? It would leave you extremely low on power.

I started looking into other themes I could partner with the clones/theft to power it up. I stumbled upon sea creatures and new I had found a hidden gem! Each tribe addresses the weaknesses found in the other. The Sea Creature tribe has the problem of extremely high cmc with few ways to cheat them out in blue. The Clone tribe is heavily reliant on other players builds/decks. The clones create a way to take advantage of high powered sea creatures and can even create copies of creatures with Shroud, creating a very resilient board state. The sea creatures give the clone deck the powerhouses it sometimes needs to resolve on its own. It is a prime pairing!

Fierce Guardianship for Glen Elendra Archmage : Fierce Guardianship is a great one off card, but with little to no Instant/Sorcery Recursion in this deck, the ability to recur Glen Elendra Archamge's ability with flickering/clones is far more valuable.

Inkwell Leviathan for Sea-Dasher Octopus : This switch solved multiple problems. The high cmc and lack of consistent card draw are the main ones. However, as I read the rulings on mutate, I learned something spectacular! If Sea-Dasher were to be mutated on top of a legendary creature, the creature would no longer be legendary, but it would retain its abilities. This can create some very powerful value!

Mirror Gallery for Sakashima of a Thousand Faces : No explanation needed!

Tromokratis for Maskwood Nexus : I made this choice as a synergy decision. Tromokratis's main synergy was as a sea creature, but his legendary status opposed the clone synergy. Maskwood Nexus gives all creatures in the deck the sea creature synergy; powering up cards like Quest for Ula's Temple and Serpant of Yawning Depths to a ridiculous degree.

Archetype of Imagination for Spawning Kraken : As soon as Spawning Kraken was spoiled it was an obvious addition. Archetype felt a bit redundant with the other forms of evasion in the deck, it was the same CMC, and it was also an obvious flavor choice.

Feel free to check out the other decks in my mono-colored deck series.


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