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So I'm using Sakashima as an ETB multiplier. What this means is when I play an ETB creature such as Archaeomancer, I can play Sakashima to copy the ETB effect. Sakashima is good at this because he can bounce himself back to the owners hand and repeat the ETB effect. I've changed this deck quite a bit since first playing sakashima. It is currently a ETB/Stax deck and plays very well against my play group. It really comes down to locking down your opponents resources and then setting up 1 of the 4 win cons with DeadEye Navigator or just repeated bouncing back and forth with cards like cloudstone curio or vedalken mastermind.

Notable Exclusions

Sunken Hope - This card puts creatures back into my hand and it puts creatures back into my opponents hand. This card is risky because it gives the enemy the possibility to replay their ETB effects.

Conjurers Closet - This card is good, it flickers your creature so you don't have to recast. The problem I see with it is it's expensive at 5 mana, it triggers at the end of turn, and you can't protect a creature from removal with it unlike a bounce spell.

Venser as commander - Venser is cool but I think Sakashima is better for ETB because of his re-usability and versatility. For Venser I would have to rely on a spell to get him back to my hand, which may not always be available. I could try Venser but for now I'm using Sakashima.


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