This is a Creature heavy Dragon Tribal I have made. I am a bit new to deckbuilding, but I am in love with the Ur-dragon and this specific type of dragon tribal.

Expensive mana, but well rounded to ensure the mana base is topped off to handle the colors needed, Triomes, Shock lands, Fetch lands, and the typical dragon tribal lands, EDH standards like command tower and exotic orchard.

Decent card draw, about 4-5 sources of board haste, decent target removal, decent board wipes, lots of big stonky dragons, if not handled quickly, it WILL kill under turn 10 consistently.

The play is pretty straight forward, just a creature deck. Tutors like Sarkhan's Triumph and Tiamat, there's no real win con, just general board gauging to see what you need. however with Tiamat you can get out some strong combos, searching for expensive boys, like scion of Draco, and Hellkite Courser being in the mix, playing Hellkite courser, pulling out the commander, getting a big chunk of card draw, cheating a permanent onto the field for free, scion of draco is a bit expensive to drop so I usually only look to drop him for free.

Lots of fun things in here if you like Creatures and big beefy dragons. Door of destinies is something I don't see very often in Dragon Tribals, not sure why...

Im rating this deck at a power level 8, I dont think its possible for any creature deck to compete above a power level 8


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