So this is my Naya Warriors list I've been running through arena in my limited free time. I've changed it around a few times to make it better at getting the job done and have run into a few decks I have troubles with. I'm sure there will be more changes to come in the future, mostly to the sideboard as I feel the mainboard is about as good as it can be under the circumstances.

The deck is a pretty straightforward Naya Aggro/Midrange list with the caveat of it being Warriors. The upside to running warriors is there is a handful of cards which you can use to boost the power of warriors fairly easily which make them much more formidable.

Pelt collector is the obvious turn one play but doesn't have to be. It does allow for a quicker aggro out but in reality it's not absolutely necessary as there are plenty of other cards which allow for incidental and consistent damage.

The harder aspects are knowing when to exert cards like Glory-bound initiate, and whether to kick shatterskull charger or just keep bouncing him to boost Pelt Collector.

A few work arounds to certain triggers are things like having Metallic Mimic on the field. After that hits the field when you play cards like growth chamber you get the adapt trigger without paying the adapt cost. That makes it really easy to drop 3/3's for two that really affect the board state. It also works on Shatterskull Charger as you get the +1/+1 counter without paying the 5 mana. You can also get the best of both worlds with Gruul Spellbreakers riot with mimic on board. You get a nice 4/4 hasty hexproof boy.

Radiant Destiny is one of the cards that's an easy choice to side out but also a strong car din it's own right. Especially when you you have cards like glory-bound initiate because if you hit city's blessing you get to exert every turn getting good life gain and a strong body that's hard to block.

The main weaknesses I've found to the deck are deck's like Elves which is why I included city wide bust. All the creatures fall below 4 toughness but can be boosted which forces Elves to buff quick making city wide bust a hammer of a card when they spew all their creatures onto the board.

Heavy targeted removal decks can be a pain but blossoming defense and heroic intervention help survive. Also the creatures are pretty easily replaced and I've run a player out of easy removal from just constantly dropping creatures. Shatterskull bouncing makes a good work around to sorcery removal and spellbreaker offers hexproof on your turn which helps too.

Control decks can be troublesome but mostly when you have a bad start. Field wipes and targeted removal are once again avoided by using intervention and defense.

Ultimately it's a solid late aggro, early midrange deck that is consistent and strong presenting a powerful board that can be hard to deal with and forces the opponent to make unfavorable blocks early on to preserve life total.

Right now I'm at Platinum 2 and got a 7 game winning streak at platinum level which was really cool.


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