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Ruzzian Isset! (Russian Izzet water-mark theme)

Commander / EDH Theme/Gimmick UR (Izzet)



I am now slowly foil'ing out this beautiful deck :)

This is one of many water-mark theme'ed decks. The idea is that specific sets have supplied us with enough water-mark cards to create an entire EDH deck with that theme.

This is a great restriction for matching a low-powered meta or for roll-playing in EDH. I've done this with the House Dimir, Cult Rakdos, and Phyrexia using Urabrask and Jinny at the helm. While I have collected the promo lands for Rakdos & Dimir, I've chosen to not pursue them for this deck as they are not available in Russian and am just using basic's from the original Rav set.

The language choice of this deck came from finding a Russian Goblin Test Pilot in a buddies trade binder. The Cyrillic text of the language is beautiful and really feels like it fits into the Izzet mythos. After a few months worth of international trading I've finished the deck, and am now very slowly foiling what I can find.

I have two old video's showcasing this deck. Here I am showing the deck when it is half-complete;


And here I am opening a Russian Dragon's Maze box, collecting the last cards;


This particular deck I use almost exclusively for roll-playing as the powerlevel is incredibly low. It is also fun to incorporate drinking rules with this deck;

~ I have to say the name of every card, and if I don't/can't I drink.

~ Any time I say Izzet (for example by casting Izzet Signet), I drink.

~ Any landfall, I drink. Including when others put lands into play under my own control :)


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