Most of the credit here goes to shinobigarth. He made the awesome deck Zombie Garbage Day (which you should definitely go check out and upvote), and he and I worked on that for a few days. We decided that the concept would do much better if it had several cards which just rotated out, so I remade the deck to fit the Modern format.

The idea is to get out a lot of humans, which you can sacrifice to Falkenrath Aristocrat or Cartel Aristocrat. If you have Blood Artist or Xathrid Necromancer, then you get even more. In addition, for every sacrificed human with both Xathrid Necromancer and Purphoros, God of the Forge out, you get a replacement token and deal 2 damage. If all else fails, but your Falkenrath Aristocrat has a few +1/+1s on it, just Fling. Or you can take control of your opponent's creatures and Fling them as well. Assemble the Legion is there for late-game flooding and triggers for Purphoros, which are always very important.

Please leave any kind suggestions or harsh criticisms you have. Very minimal playtesting has been done


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