Value engine/combo deck featuring runes. Cost reduction ( Runeforge / Envoy / Birgi  ) combined with card draw ( Setessan / Harnfel ) lets us play Runes cheaply ( if we have two cost reduction), letting us draw our entire deck.

But the power of this deck isn't the combo, but rather that any individual combo piece is still strong on its own:

Setessan alone: Runes draw 2 cards and pump +1/+1

Harnfel alone: Runes essentially scry 1, draw 2 (bc if the first draw isn't rune, you can discard to look at 2 more)

Harnfel / Setessan + Runeforge / Envoy / Birgi  : same thing but runes costs (1) each

Harnfel / Setessan + Runeforge + Envoy / Birgi  : Runes are (0): draw 2

Harnfel + Setessan + Runeforge + Envoy / Birgi  : Runes are (0): scry 1, draw 3, which probably draws the whole deck

Incarnation is secretly the best card in the deck by a large margin. Every turn, it sacrifices a Rune to tutor (almost) any creature in our deck:

  • Any missing combo piece
  • Storm Herald reanimates all the Runes previously sacrificed (or died), drawing tons of cards. Note: Reanimated Runes don't get exiled until our next turn. We can even sac one of them to Incarnation again!
  • Runeforge / Siona , tutoring another Rune to sac. So even with an empty hand, Incarnation can make a 2/3 and draw a card every turn. This is the best value tutor if we know opponent is just going to kill the creature (and we're still saving Herald for more value).
  • Skyclave . This is actually the most common tutor because Incarnation gives us infinite card advantage; we just have to avoid dying at this point.
  • Mimic  , copying any of the above
  • 3MV silver bullets from sideboard


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