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Knights of the Double Strike [M19]

Standard* Budget RW (Boros) Voltron



This deck is all about knights swinging twice and being indestructible.

For an even cheaper version of this deck at around $40.

Remove: 2x History of Benalia and 1x Warlord's Fury

Add: 3× Goblin Chainwhirler

For and even cheaper $20 version.

Add: 3x Sky Terror

I'm trying to stay away from Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation, Kaladesh, and Aether Revolt. I'm open to any and all feedback!

Fun for around $50 bones! Gonna have to test it out soon, and report in.

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Just that... tooooo slow. Just about everyone was running a red aggro deck. So I did a decent overhaul for stability, draw power, and overall speed of the deck. I think it should be a much bigger threat early on now.

It worked a few times, but either was bested at speed or just didn't have the right draws. I also had some really shit hands when it came to land draws. Got swamped, or didn't have enough.


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