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Rotwidow's Pack of Spidahs

Pauper EDH* BG (Golgari) Tribal



Rotwidow Pack's spider tribal pauper EDH!

There's actually more than enough spiders in pauper to make this deck work, so I was able to cut out the worst of the bunch. Sure, you still pay 4GG for a 3/4 body at points, but having tons of Reach, some Deathtouch and Flash, helps make the costs not feel so bad. Plus, the real reason you want an over-costed spider on the field is to make Rotwidow's ability stronger and end the game.

All but six of the creatures are mono-Green, so the addition of Black is more for card advantage and control/removal, which are both things Green isn't the best at, so it's a welcome splash color. The non-spider creatures have some good utility like cycling and ramp that makes them going to the GY not such a bad deal, where Rotwidow can then convert them into a spider for the swarm.

New cards to consider:

Village Rites - strict upgrade


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