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Sideboard Plan to come.


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Out -3 Corpse Cur -Seal or Strength

In +4 Scattershot Archer

Anti Delver Package


Out -3 Seal of Strength, -2 Rancor -1 Corpse Cur

In +4 Nature's Claim +2 Naturalize The Anti Enchantment/Artifact Package.


Out -3 Seal of Strength

In +1 Corpse Cur +2 Apostle's Blessing

You should be able to race them in a Match where life totals don't matter at all. The Corpse Cur gives you more recursion, and the Blessings more protection from removal.


No Sideboard, keep a super aggro hand, and beat them before turn 4. Infect is designed to beat decks like this.

Delver Fiend

No sideboard, both of you are playing decks that try and shorten the life total, its a total race, don't keep a hand that doesn't do anything.

Slivers/Goblins/ Stompy/White Weenie

Out -1 Viridian Longbow, -1 Seal of Strength

In +2 Apostle's Blessings

Protection can help you get past blocks, pump can end the game much more quickly.

Boros Kitty/ Azorious Kitty

Out -1 Viridian Longbow -1 Corpse Cur

In +2 Apostle's Blessing

These decks want to grind, midrange, and gain life. You don't care about life, just poison counters. The Blessings help you get in there.


Out -2 Seal of Strength -1 Virdian Longbow

In +2 Sylvok Lifestaff +1 Corpse Cur

Life gain, should keep you a little ahead of the race, they do have to kill your stuff to stay alive. So you should have the edge. The extra Cur for extra graveyard love.


No Sideboard, Elf into Rancor turn two they will be able to do very little to stop you. Again Infect is designed to take out decks like MUC.

Tortured E.

They want to durdle, you want to win super quick, no board needed. Again you need to keep a hand with a 1 drop and some pump to get in there.


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