Hello everyone. I'm currently looking for assistance squaring away my Rosheen Hydra Tribal deck.

I'm coming back into Magic after a several year Hiatus, which I also sold my collection, so I'm rebuilding from scratch almost. So, the cards listed here are ones I'm looking into buying/trading for, so taking away/ and adding to is really no problem.

I'm not looking to make this deck hyper competitive (it's hydra tribal after all) but I do wish for it to be consistent enough to be something to play for fun, as I only play EDH for such a reason (not big into infinite game-ending combos, full-lock out decks that makes it so other players can't play Magic, etc). So, about the deck: It's really what it looks like - ramp out, play big boys, swing for damage, burn spells over the top, or fling effects. I saw on EDHRec and other sites that most Rosheen Hydra decks didn't have cards like Fling , Chandra's Ignition , Soul's Fire , etc. I'm not sure if they're actually any good in this form of deck, but my reasoning for inclusion is that they can offer a way to take out a player after swinging (if it's to end the game) or as 'spite' plays if someone board wipes or target kills my large creatures. If you have any input on that line of thinking, I would greatly appreciate it.

Cards listed in the 'Maybeboard' are cards that were part of the initial 110+ card deck iteration that have been cut but are still in consideration, if a card in the main board is found to under perform.

Thanks and have a lovely day.


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Zendikar Resurgent

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds

Pyromancer's Goggles


Magewright's Stone . Its ability was only applicable to Rosheen and Selvala. Not worth the slot IMO

Dictate of Karametra . Cheaper options available

Elemental Bond .

Aggressive Mammoth . Off-flavor trample enabler. Decided to keep Pathbreaker Ibex as Trample enabler with added benefit of power enhancer that works well with rest of the deck.

Brawn . Same reason as above


Greater Good

Oran-Rief Hydra


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