LANDS - Nothing exciting here, a 4th Selesnya Guildgate may be correct given how much this deck requires having Green and White. Any opening hand not having both pretty much has to be mulliganed.

1 CMC - Experiment One has the ability to grow big and quickly in this deck and it is often big enough to survive removal. Getting your Experiment One to 5/5 size is living the dream. Soldier of the Pantheon gets around a lot of nasty spells and blockers, and the life gain can be important in some match-ups.

2 CMC - The real meat of the deck is in the 2 drop slot. Fleecemane Lion aka Watchwolf with upside aka Watchcat. Selesnya Charm looks to be extremely well situated for Theros standard. It exiles all the gods, and we'll use the other two modes often as well. Voice of Resurgence synergies really well with the deck. It survives all but dedicated removal, makes another populate target and makes things awkward for are opponent.

3 CMC - Brimaz, King of Oreskos cause well the kitty king is pretty badass. Spear of Heliod to pump the team and sometimes the activation is relevant.

4 CMC - Advent of the Wurm 5/5 trample for 4 at instant speed and we can populate it. Yep.


As always, sideboard is a bit of a work in progress.


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