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Devotion is broken.


Elvish Mystic: The quintessential mana dork. Any green ramp deck that doesn't have it is dumb.

Voyaging Satyr: While lacking the extra toughness and Hexproof of Sylvan Caryatid, the Satyr has a couple perks of her own. The main appeal is her interaction with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Nissa, Worldwaker's Man-Lands. She can grant me a huge increase in mana production with Nykthos, and can grant my Man-Lands pseudo-Vigilance if need be.

Genesis Hydra: An amazing mana sink; he gets huge, and then drops another fatty or Walker from the deck for free. I lurve him.

Courser of Kruphix: A great card all around. He makes a nice blocker, he gains me a bit of life, and most importantly he plays lands from the top of the deck so I don't have to draw them, and can instead continue to fill my hand with threats.

Nylea, God of the Hunt: 6/6 indestructible for four, gives everyone else Trample, and has a repeatable Mutagenic Growth stapled onto her.

Surrak, the Hunt Caller: Nice 5/4 body and enables haste very easily. Nothing like a turn three Surrak followed by a turn four hasty tramplin' Terra Stomper !

Polukranos, World Eater: The staple four-drop fatty of green decks everywhere. Great body, incredibly powerful ability with enough ramp, and a pretty cool name too. Also my only means of creature removal in the main board (although I may add Setessan Tactics later if I need to).

Arbor Colossus : My middle finger to flying creatures. Great 6/6 body, easily usable Monstrous ability that doubles as a Plummet , and a very appealing 3 devotion to green all make this guy a very solid five-drop.

Whisperwood Elemental: This guy creates a field all by himself. Provides a steady stream of 2/2 bodies that can easily be turned face-up, considering every spell in this deck is a creature. His second ability also prevents board wipes like Crux of Fate from being seriously detrimental.

Terra Stomper : 8/8 for six mana? Cool! Three devotion to green? Neat! Trample? Hell yeah! Can't be countered?! AWESOME!!!

Gaea's Revenge: This guy is just a beast. A hasty 8/5 that can't be countered is flippin' fantastic! His pseudo-Hexproof also makes him a pain to remove; the only things I really need to watch out for are Sultai Charm and Abzan Charm .


Versus Aggro/Burn: Hornet Nest provides a seriously annoying blocker to delay attacks, and Nylea's Disciple gains me some life back.

Versus Control: Mistcutter Hydra provides un-counterable hasty damage, Ranger's Guile stops spot removal and a second copy of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon provides a late-game threat. Reclamation Sage is also nice to get rid of Myth Realized and Banishing Light.

Versus Midrange: Honestly, this deck eats midrange for breakfast. However, on the off-chance I find we come to a stalemate where the board is loaded and nobody wants to attack, Roar of Challenge can clear a path for me to strike the finishing blow. "Quick, everybody block that Elvish Mystic! He looks dangerous!"


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