I really, really wanted to build a ninja themed deck, ever since Kamigawa. When I finally build one, played it and had fun, I somehow forgot about it. This is it.

The idea is straight forward: play creatures, attack, assure your creatures are unblockable, deal damage and Ninjutsu the hell out of everybody. The support troops in this deck consist of 'Rogue' creatures which also benefit from Vela, and have a great synergy with each other and the Ninja's in this deck.

Vela the Night-Clad's ability works well with these creatures: since she grants intimidate for many opponents your creatures will be unblockable. Her second ability - deal one damage whenever a creature leaves the battlefield deal one damage to opponents - has great synergy with the Ninjutsu ability too: since many of your creatures will be leaving the battlefield, only to recur later once again. If you don't have Vela, you can also use Sygg, River Cutthroat - the second in command - as your commander.

Much of this deck is based around the synergy of being (and becoming) unblockable, and attacking as much as you can. Effects include:

The deck features some point removal (Doom Blade, Throat Slitter , and such) and some wipe spells (Damnation, Decree of Pain) to remove pesky creatures. It also has some counterspells to counter nasty spells your opponents might (and will) play (Counterspell, Countersquall, Lost in the Mist and Undermine ). And some cards that fit the theme and have great synergy such as Cloak and Dagger, Stolen Identity, Kusari-Gama, and Quietus Spike

Because many of the creatures in this deck are small(ish) cards like Dread , No Mercy and Grave Pact are great assets.


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