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The Saga of Rogarkh

There once was a kobold named Rohgahh. He was the legendary leader of Kher Keep, house of the kobolds among the teetering peaks and buried ruins of the Kher Ridges in the isle New Argive, in the plane known as Dominaria. The kobolds worshipped the great and ruthless dragon Prossh as their god. They pillaged, burned, killed, and spread terror in his name. Some offered their own life to the fierce and merciless dragon with the promise of being reborn as mighty dragons from his brood.

One day, Rohgahh of Kher Keep, perhaps driven by folly, envy, or lust for power, wished to become himself a god like the great Prossh. He demanded sacrifices and pillaging to be made in his name. And so he became a tyrant, for he demanded the blood of his own kin to be spilled for his own false deity. Many loathed him, but many also feared him, and for that reason the kobolds of Kher Keep followed him driven by fear or lust for power. Few dared to question his authority or speak ill of him, and rebels and dissenters were sacrificed or executed in his name and will.

The reign of tyranny of Rohgahh lasted for years. Then, one day Rograkh, son of Rohgahh, whose name is inscribed in the great Forge of Heroes of Kher Keep, witnessed the cruelty of his father inflicted upon his own people, and so became the leader of the rebels and dissenters. Some say the death of his friends, some say the death of his own mother infuriated Rograkh, whose consuming fervor granted him such brute force and strength to overcome the mightiest creatures, despite his small stature. It is told that through a secret passage, Rograkh stole the weapons of his own father. He was known as a skilled warrior, unmatched among his kin, and wielded axe and blade and flail and shield with great ease. With maniacal rage and uncanny speed, he clashed with his father bodyguards, and slay them all. Upon the sight of his son slashing his troops, Rohgahh invoked a desperate ritual to summon the mighty dragon Prossh. The dragon appeared, shattering houses and swords with his great wings: “Who disturbs me?” he roared between with fire breath and sword-teeth. “Mighty Pross, skyraider of Kher, wise and terrible, scourge of the weak and unworthy” prayed Rohgahh, bending his knees to the great dragon, “my own blood betrays me and slays your servants,” he cried, invoking his aid. “Lend me your strength and I shall do justice in your name,” he urged. “Yet again you beg for power. Such insolence. You are unworthy my presence, and shall pay for your sin,” growled the dragon in disdain. He then blew stone-melting fire to the lord of Kher Keep, and made ashes of the king.

For some it was senseless rage, for others battle rage that had Rograkh charging to the dragon upon seeing his father burnt to ashes. But the fierce warrior was no match to the vicious dragon, who swung him with his long tail far in the distance and shocked him to the ground, covered in rubbles. “I shall feast on your kin at your sight, and you will be an outcast and damned among your own people, and that shall be your curse.” With these words, the dragon pillaged and terrorized Kher Keep, slaying many as Rograkh watched with great horror and pain the undoing of his people.

When all hope was lost, a light sparked, and Rograkh was set free from rubbles by a mysterious figure with candid skin and red hair. “Fierce Rogarkh,” she whispered, “fate has much in store for you, as it had for me, Jeska, thrice reborn in this world. I shall grant you the power of my spark, and your strength will be used for the righteous cause. This shall be my will,” and she disappeared as she manifested. With invigorated rampage and uncaged fury, the fierce Rograkh dashed against Prossh, whose fiery breath laid dust upon Kher Keep. The warrior unleashed his fury and with a a mighty blow he struck the dragon, whose scream of agony it is said can still be heard across the Kher Ridges. Much blood spilled, as the fatally wounded dragon gasped “who are you, who dare to struck a dragon god? No mountain-kin could possibly harm me as such.” The fierce warrior stood over the wounded dragon. “I am Rogarkh, son of Rohgahh. No god shall lay waste upon my people as long as I live,” and then struck Prossh to death with giant strength.

So it ends the saga of Rogarkh, son Rohgahh. It is said that the fierce warrior gathered his father’s ashes and buried them in the depths of Kher Keep, and so he reunited with his lineage in spirit. It is also said that the kobolds of Kher Keep divided among those supporting their new leader Rogarkh, and those seeing the slaying of Prossh as bad omen. These are said to have formed the Cult of Prossh, but little is known. Chronicles of Jeska, Thrice Touched by Infinity, are recounted in other annals of Dominaria.

(Unofficial storyline created by the user)



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