Dragons? Dragons... Dragons!!! This deck is all about getting a ton of dragons onto the battlefield and triggering either ETB effects or, or on attack effects and then swinging in with an armada of dragons to take down all your foes. The Ur-Dragon , Dragon Arch , Fist of Suns , Morophon, the Boundless , Sarkhan Unbroken , and Herald's Horn are all ways to reduce the cost or cheat dragons into play. Most of the dragons have effects that happen when they attack (Bolster, Damage, adding +1 or -1 counters, tapping permanents, etc.) Unburial Rites , Fearsome Awakening , Call to Mind , and Eerie Ultimatum are all ways to get dragons and spells from the graveyard pack into play. There are other mechanics that are prevalent in the deck, (such as token generation) and all of these would ideally work in synergy to secure victory. It's far from perfect, and it's semi-budget, but help and advice on how to improve this deck is always welcome! Thank you!


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