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Rise of the Machine Empire (Budget)

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A fairly fun deck I made up to try to see if I can actually get out all 3 Empire artifacts, though these are usually the weakest part of the deck, which is otherwise pretty fast, though it is not very stable. Flavor-wise I like to think the Trafficker is smugging the Empires artifacts for the Liches, but I just wanted to make this jank work sorta, all on my own.

Cranial Plating on even a lowly Ornithopter is a nuisance, but with 5 or 6 artifacts it becomes a very fast clock. On a Vault Skirge it is downright horrifying often.

Syndicate Trafficker and Phylactery Lich are meant as win cons, ideally being able to kill anything the opponent has out so I can win. These are both fairly hard to deal with.

The Empire artifacts aren't very good I think, but they are super flavorful, and very fun. They up the artifact count, and they do occasionally prove helpful, but they are slow, and unless you get all 3 out they are minor annoyances, and that nearly never happens. The Throne of Empires is handy even without upgrades, a 1/1 for 1 mana is a good deal often, as long as it doesn't cost you a card! I've Plated those Soldiers before, to good effect even.

This deck was a way to make these bad artifacts kinda playable-ish, but if I switched in some Blue artifact support/artifacts, and switched up the mana base a bit, this could be a reasonable deck if your meta isn't ready for artifacts or indestructible creatures.


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Finally got out all 3 Empire artifacts, though it didn't matter because the deck was about to win anyways, though the individual pieces that I normally dislike, the Scepter and the Crown were both pivotal at dragging the game out, since I drew rubbish, and they had lots of lifelink.

I think I'll leave this deck as is, and just make a 2nd affinity deck post, because this is a janky, budgety gem.


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