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Ah Storm, a mechanic that almost always gets out of hand. So creature storm? Nah it'll be fine. Enter Rionya, Fire Dancer .

The name of the game is what ridiculous creature can you make way too many copies of? Will it be a Solemn Simulacrum allowing you to ramp incredible amounts? Or how about card:Skycanner or Magus of the Wheel so you can draw a new hand every turn? How about just a good old fashioned Guttersnipe ? Get a few copies there and you could be dishing out massive damage with each spell. Don't even get me started with Birgi, God of Storytelling  , she alone will get you throwing down a hefty number of cards. You may be limited to Mono-Red but that doesn't stop you from doing magical things.

So the goal of this deck is to get something youd like to copy on the board, cast a few cantrip type spells, like Expedite , and watch them multiply. It's as simple as that. The main thing this deck requires is timing. You wont always want to throw down your spells every turn, there might be times when its best to wait.

As is the story for mono-red the big issues youll find will be refilling your hand and keeping your commander alive. Mask of Avacyn can help with protection and copying Skyscanner can help with the card draw but you will still need to be careful, Sunbird's Invocation can also help here. This is a great place to start but it is very easy to see ways to upgrade this deck right out of the gate.

More spells that generate bursts of mana, most sustained card draw artifacts, more ways to either use or keep your tokens will all benefit this deck, but with this build youll be able to sit down, try Rionya out, and enjoy the chaotic nature of storm.


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