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Mono red tron with the win condition being suspending RiftBolt and casting Worldfire in a turn, and then a suspended riftbolt on your next turn wins the game, preventing counterplay after you pass your turn because your opponent will have no board and only one card in hand, so even if theyre burn, if they draw a land they can play it but do nothing, and if they draw bolt they can't cast it. Ritual spells are in so that, hopefully, you can pull this off turn 4 with everything going right. I decided to use tron as a way to help with deckthinning, as expedition maps are cheaper than fetch-lands. Then there are card draw cards which help us draw our wincon. On top of that there's just stall. It's mono red so of course bolts are in. They exist for removal and aren't supposed to go to the opponent's face. Rift bolt can be used for that too, but it is also necessary for our wincon, so using it for removal may be bad.

Anyway, ideally it's a turn 4 "cast 2 spells and if they resolve you win" deck. arc blade suspended turn 3 with worldfire cast turn 5 also works. There are better ways to do it, but none involve worldfire, are mono red, or use tron. I ran two tests and could cast and win turn 5, assuming the opponent couldn't do anything to stop me yet. I am a paper player, i've never played online. I'd like to playtest this soon though. Suggestions please. I added banefire as a back up

Edit; 2022: Looking back, it's also not bad at burning outright


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fixed the illegal cards. added things to deal with board heavy colored decks, creatures, and counterspells.


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