Rielle EDH deck that goes nuts discarding and drawing stuff. Primary win condition is to combo but also has several alternate routes to succeed.


Other win conditions:

Stuff to keep in mind:

  • Rielle is really key in this deck. If she isn't out, you don't get extra value from discarding. If you don't get extra value from discarding, many spells in this deck will suck. Play her early, keep her protected.
  • Rielle can only trigger once a turn. Keep this in mind and consider playing instants with discard on other player's turns. Also keep in mind that cycling is instant speed and is counted as discard so don't be afraid to cycle Shark Typhoon or Forgotten Cave if you don't need them on the field.
  • Rites of Refusal and Forbid aren't amazing normally. They are amazing here. Counter someone's removal targeted at Rielle and get extra value from the discard involved.
  • Blue Elemental Blast and Red Elemental Blast can be blanks in some games. It's not a big deal, they can simply be discarded away to draw more and pump up your creatures.


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