Tokens spawn from every direction in this deck. I think this deck is great when your on a budget and can't get Gaea's Cradle... This is my actual deck that I have slowly built over the last few years...I consider this deck my Baby... This is not just a deck list that I wish to have I actually own this list of Cards... Also open to what might make it more efficient. I also know it needs more removal, as well as more card draw working on that... As always input is needed...

Here is a list of Cards I was thinking about putting in but Unsure what to take out and what to put in exactly. Please input is needed!

Creature Mirror Entity

Intant Path to Exile

Sorcery Natural Order; Camaraderie

Artifact Illusionist's Bracers; Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Enchanment Concordant Crossroads; Privileged Position; Wheel of Sun and Moon; Primal Vigor

Lands Horizon Canopy; Castle Garenbrig

Planeswalker Huatli, Radiant Champion


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