Tokens spawn from every direction in this deck. I think this deck is great when your on a budget and can't get Gaea's Cradle... This is my actual deck that I have slowly built over the last few years...I consider this deck my Baby... Also open to what might make it more efficient. I also know it needs more removal, as well as more card draw working on that... As always input is needed...

Here is a list of Cards I was thinking about putting in but Unsure what to take out and what to put in exactly. Please input is needed!

Creature Mirror Entity

Sorcery Natural Order ; Camaraderie

Artifact Illusionist's Bracers ; Throne of the God-Pharaoh

Enchanment Concordant Crossroads ; Privileged Position ; Wheel of Sun and Moon ; Primal Vigor

Lands Horizon Canopy ; Castle Garenbrig

Planeswalker Huatli, Radiant Champion


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