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Rhys, Lord of Squirrels

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Rhys and his Squirrel Horde

"One fateful night, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, they rose" - Chittering Doom

The newly-printed Modern Horizons copy of Deep Forest Hermit had me brush off this old favorite of mine and make a few changes & updates.

Rhys the Redeemed and his doubling ability = Squirrel mayhem.

  • Reveillark was put in the deck to get more Squirrels from either Deep Forest Hermit or Deranged Hermit (or BOTH!) coming back from the graveyard.. There are enough other low-power creatures in the deck to make Reveillark worth-while.. tricky piece will be killing off Reveillark to trigger the ability - we'll see how that goes, might necessitate a sac outlet, like Altar of Dementia

  • I may add Heroic Intervention - getting board-wiped is pretty painful.

  • Another possible card to add: Awakening - scratch that, helps everyone.

  • Yet another: Eldrazi Displacer to flicker Deranged Hermit or Deep Forest Hermit (I would need more colorless sources, like High Market , which would synergize with Reveillark as a sac outlet.

  • Infected Squirrels would be kind of an interesting theme to go with i.e. Krosan Beast , or think of Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob when Patrick and Spongebob wake her up while she's hibernating - "Ok Pinhead Larry, now you get YOURS" - lots of Squirrels and then Triumph of the Hordes (Little know fact, while Squirrels are capable of carrying rabies, it's EXTREMELY rare for them to carry, it's almost to the point of have zero chance of getting rabies from a Squirrel - they do carry other stuff, like Baylisascaris procyonis that is no beuno) - anyway, I digress, likely not going to put Triumph of the Hordes in the deck.


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