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Revenge is Best Served With An Axe

Commander / EDH BRGW


This is a deck made out of cards I have lying around. So while it probably can be built with better cards, I still feel like this is a pretty strong deck that can win games.


- This deck is pretty straight forward on how it wants to win. Put equipment on really good creatures (most of the time Saskia) and smack it straight into someones face. Either you will kill them with commander damage or you'll wreck them with commander damage. Or if you are feeling really cruel infect (if you choose to add that to your deck).
- In the off chance you can't just Voltron your way to victory, the deck can play a value game using cards like Rampaging Baloths and Tendershoot Dryad to amass value.

That is basically how this deck plays, feel free to suggest cards to add or things to change. Thanks for reading!


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