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Return of Aragorn, Uniter King

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The king has returned and with style and power! This is Aragorn, the uniter high powered, chock full of powerful combos and synergies in ALMOST all of magics colors.

Our game plan early is to set the board up with cheap ramp pieces, fix our Mana, and get some protection for Aragorn.

Then the fun starts after we cast Aragorn. This list is filled with high color spells to trigger our commander as many times as possible. Charms, commands, and ascendencies the deck. Play a few multicolored spells and start pulling ahead quickly. All the abilities are nice, but this deck in particular makes great use of the green and white triggers.

There is definitely a human subtheme to this, but it hardly hurts the game plan with so many multicolored humans like Torens, Fist of the Angels and Narset, Enlightened Exile. Things get really spicy when Inga and Esika or Katilda, Dawnhart Prime are out and with a haste effect. Watch as you're able to cast spell after spell, hitting so many Aragorn triggers that you're opponents will be buried in value!

But if you want a sudden win, our combo win cons in this include Jeskai Ascendancy and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds for a crazy loot and big mana engine, Temur Sabertooth and Dockside Extortionist to burn infinitely as long as youre generating 4 treasures, and Food Chain and Squee, the Immortal to also burn infinitely.

The aim with this is to make it very powerful, but also keeping it somewhat flavorful to Lord of the Rings as I'm a huge fan of the world. Many of these cards will feature scenes from the trilogy instead, and please, feel free to suggest movie scenes from the Peter Jackson trilogy! Ex: food chain will be a frame of "looks like meats back on the menu, boys!"

Comments, suggestions, and general discussion welcome!


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