“To catch a fish; you have to think like one, see like one….. They go with the flow. Fish use the water surrounding their bodies to sense what will happen next. If you move against the flow of the water, the fish feel it and darts away at the last minute. But if you don't fight the current and flow with it instead…” -Miyamoto “Johnny the Fisherman” Musashi

If you don’t fight the current and flow with it instead… Setting Paranoia was the fun Wizard Deck that turned more into the annoying WU deck. Ranar the Ever-Watchful has retired from the Watchtower & Hanna Hanna, Ship's Navigator only takes charge when in casual games (She is in the 99 for her abilities). I have been "working on" this for the better part of 2021 now into 2022. The W part is basically just Land Drops and Mid-Stax, the U is Denial. Wizards has become a small theme over time in the deck, so I suppose Stenn is here to make their Artifacts, Sorceries, Instants & Enchantments cost less. How Fun!

  • -Teferi’s shows up twice in his Full Frame Awesomeness: as Teferi, Hero of Dominaria & Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset are both in the 99. For their awesome art, draw abilities and Awesome Opp Tampdowns.
  • -Elminster has arrived! Elminster has been added after 3 strong beatdowns on my end. This Wise Wizard is here to add to the Wizard count and flavor. He can buff Triskaidekaphile’s delightful “Wizards are Handsy” Endgame as well as just be a delightful Instant/Sorcery Boon & Shovel to dig with. An amazing addition to Stenn’s Inner Circle(Planeswalkers)
  • -Grand Arbiter Augustin IV has been added to this 99 since DoubleMasters2022 has a badass print of him. No, but for real: Grand Arbiter Augustin IV is here to make this an _actual_ Azorius Deck!
  • -Jin-Gitaxis is here to counter any opponent trickery as well as Double my spell arsenal! Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant is in the 99 or their awesome presence & their Traditional Blue / Hoser powers.
  • -Heliod is here to close up the indestructible God Duo on Deck. His Secret Lair Drop form was too tasty a foil to pass up, especially when using the Walking Ballista/Triskellion combo. Heliod, Sun-Crowned is Locked & Loaded to Ping the opp’s down!!
  • -An oddball from the SNC Set has joined the crew, the _Mage’s Attendant_ is here to add to the Wizard Theme by Blinking her ‘to & ‘fro for expendable wizards that can Counter! Mage's Attendant is here to Shine!!
  • -Aven has been added in their FutureSight form to assist our lovely Captain & Navigator! Aven Mindcensor alongside other Shovels are here to Dig through the Deck. Gotta make sure that we find all the Combo Pieces when needed!
  • -Archivist of Oghma hs been adding to the Health & Hand since he came out in CLB. 1x Archivist of Oghma (CLB) *f* add to the battle in more ways then one would assume!
  • -Tris has been a staple in this deck ever since i saw her preview for the MID Set, the _Triskaidekaphile_ is my favorite Win-Con since trying to bomb the board with Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant *f-etch*! Triskaidekaphile is here to Win!!

Splash “Oopsy… Bhuuut some fish get away, anyway!! Bwahahaha!!” -Miyamoto “Johnny the Fisherman” Musashi

(New Additions, in the bottom!)

As always; Please advise and let me know what you think. I'd love comments and opinions!

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the sponsors. They really let us test out this Frankenstein's Monster! : -Waiting4Heaven -HorcattaMaster -JarlMitch -Deathmurgic - brakshow420 - Grind -SlutDragon & - @SaltySpecula


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