I constructed this deck off of "extra cards" so it isn't perfect. But with my friends in testing it went 4-0 (Rampx2, +1/+1 counters, Storm).

Retraction Helix is a fun and cheap combo to pull off involving Retraction Helix + Elusive Spellfist + Zephyr Scribe + Spidersilk Net It can be pulled off in 4 turns. It is a deck that doesn't want to interact with opponents and the control aspect is to stay alive and kicking.

Good matchups: Ramp, Midrange Meh Matchups:Aggro, Combo Bad Matchups:BURN, control

Suggestions are deeply appreciated and I hope you have as much fun playing this as I do.

I am trying to make this a bit competitive but it is working well in Casual.

(I know it's over 60 cards so cuts would also be a helpful suggestion.


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