Hey guys,

I've been brewing with Sen Triplets since 4 years now. Ive tried many things with her, especially into competitive commander formats, playing the deck under reanimator, artifact or control scheme and now here's my take on multiplayer Sen Triplets build based on stax and thievery. Because I think the multiplayer environment is well suited for our littles cuties.

I know how hard people hate Sen Triplets as a premium threat. The main goal of this deck is to steal opponent greatstuffs to take control of the battlefield with much more threat than just the Sen Triplets card itself. The decklist is actually being tuned up everyday since i haven't really had the chance to playtest it so feel free to leave comments so you could help me improve the list. Thanks yall!

Here's the link for the original Master of the Minds build, which is my multiplayer decklist. Masters of the mind (EDH Sen Triplets)



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