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Trying to build with what I have available to me, suggestions are absolutely always welcome. Cannot at the moment playlets but will absolutely come back to update everyone as the deck does eventually get played. I noticed a big interaction that i didn't want to skip over that i've noticed a lot of other people haven't really caught on to or are just overlooking. Yes mono black is not known for artifacts, but im hoping that this fringe build can take others by surprise through the utilization of some pretty ball busting artifacts. those being named, Memory Jar is kinda of the main idea for the deck.

This deck places a lot of importance on Scrap Trawler and it's most well known interaction between it and both Myr Retriever and Junk Diver

If you like to assess decks more visually here is a link to another site I use to catalog decks

Relics of Fear(Visual)


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