Originally based off of Xuii2 's Primer: BluePod 2.0 list. A slightly staxy variant that utilize Brus and other large creatures to pressure opponents' life totals.

Update 07/06/19: Dropped in the temur hulk line: Flash + Protean Hulk = Incubation Druid + Torch Courier + Vigean Graftmage .

Update 07/26/19:

New Flash Hulk Line: Flash + Protean Hulk = Prime Speaker Vannifar + Torch Courier + Quirion Ranger + Dryad Arbor

Update 10/30/19:

Honestly there were so many changes that took place ver the course of a few months. The deck was previously starved on card draw and played wheels (ugh I know), however the changes are more based around card advantage per the lack of Tymna.

Some additions were:

The spiciest addition was Niv-Mizzet, Parun; I'm considering adding more curiosity effects.

Bruse Tarl is a powerhouse and should be cast more. I've realized no one wants to block him unless they have to.

Also, the newest hulk line: Vannifar + Torch courier + (Any other 1 drop) + Dryad arbor (Dryad arbor isn't necessary but why not!):

Sac the 1 drop to vannifar, get corridor monitor, sac corridor monitor for renegade rallier, return corridor monitor with renegade rallier's trigger, sac renegade rallier for felidar guardian, sac felidar guardian for kiki-jiki.

Update 11/12/19:

Oko, Thief of Crowns

Cards I would like to add in Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, Heliod's Pilgrim and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

Update 02/06/20:

The deck had a complete overhaul over a few months and with the release of Thassa's Oracle.

Winds of Change has enabled me to pivot between win conditions and disrupt.

Update 02/27/20

Supporting the hulk plan more. Cut the pod lines and added more card advantage and stack interaction.


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