Reanimation style Meren deck aiming to reap as much value as possible from enter the battlefield and death triggers. Help is always appreciated as my local meta has shifted from casual to heavily competitive with things such as Animar, Slivers, Arcum Dagsson, Mikaeus, and Scion of the Ur Dragon. Byfar the best card in this deck is the Blighted Fen, it has single handedly won me a game and I refuse to ever take it out of this deck so fuck you Logan.


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It's been a while since I updated the deck list. This is not necessarily my ideal vision for my deck but the condition that it is in at the moment. I enjoy the way it runs and can begin to dominate the game pretty fast, sometimes too fast. I normally will play a bit too aggressively in the sense that I don't like to take it slow and let the game play out. I will make my plays and become a target by accident but that's just because of my personal problems that is not a problem with the deck.


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